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Five Reasons To Fake It
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Faux Fur Rules The Catwalk in 2010
Five Reasons To Fake It

Five reasons to fake it
Fur is this year’s big thing. The winter 2010 / 2011 catwalk show were dominated by fur pieces; but if you’re keen to work the trend at home then a choice awaits you – to fake, or not to fake? Here are five great reasons why you should choose faux fur above the real thing.
1. Everybody’s doing it: There was a time, not so long ago, when fake fur was considered tacky. Not anymore. Nowadays, even the most prestigious brands are substituting faux for the real thing, with Dolce and Gabbana and Ralph Lauren showcasing some great fake fur pieces in its catwalk shows, and US teen fashion chains such as Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle following suite. There are also several super-stylish brands dedicated entirely to promoting the fake stuff, with some outlets even teaming up with charitable organisations to produce clothing lines that benefit farmed animals.
2. It looks great: Let’s be honest – fake fur hasn’t always looked as good as it does now. Until recently, it was easy to tell whether a piece was fake or real simply by glancing at it. That was before developments in the quality of materials made faux virtually indistinguishable from the real thing; and now we’ve got to a point where fake fur actually needs an identifying label to demonstrate that it was produced without harming animals. With faux fur this good, who needs the real deal?
3. No need for a guilty conscience: Many people – supermodels and designers included – refuse to wear fur because of the implications for animal rights. Fake fur does away with this moral conundrum; and it’s more environmentally friendly too. Studies show that 120 MBtu of energy are consumed in the process of making a fake fur coat, compared to the massive 7,965 MBtu used to produce a coat from animals raised in fur farms.
4. Maintenance is simple: If you’ve ever owned a real fur piece then you should know all about the maintenance issues. Animal fur needs to be put in cold storage to prevent it from deteriorating when not in use, and it’s a prime target for moths. Fake fur, on the other hand, is time resistant, and can be hung in your wardrobe with all your other clothes.
5. No need to spend a fortune: Finally, and perhaps best of all, fake fur is almost always cheaper than the real thing. There are plenty of fantastic faux coats and jacket on the high street, in charity shops and online. Teem with a well-cut pair of jeans from a high street store such as New Look, glam up with a few sparkly accessories, and you have an outfit that looks opulently stylish without breaking the bank.      
Five Reasons To Fake It